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Find a bike

Use the app to look for the nearest bike station and find a bike available.


Ride for up to two hours, enjoy the city and, at the end of your trip remember to release the bike correctly

Release your bike at the station

Return your bike at the nearest station to your destination

Insert the bike into a free slot and wait for it to be properly locked. The light from the coupling point shall become fixed green and the pins shall no longer be removable.

Virtual stations

The virtual stations are part of a pilot scheme dedicated to high school students to allow the use of the service in the school-home journey. The first have been set up near the Berchet, Brera and Donatelli institutes and are identifiable through special signs and yellow stripes. The red bikes are equipped with a smart lock that blocks/unblocks them for use and allows them to be taken from and returned to both virtual stations and physical stations.

Ebikes with smart lock can only be picked up or returned using the app (cannot be accessed with the card). The app must be updated to the latest version available.

The smart lock is an intelligent lock placed on the rear wheel cover of the electric bicycle, able to communicate with the station this allows you to pick up and return the ebike in the virtual station area.Currently a limited number of electric bicke are equipped with smart locks.

How to read the right number of a station

How to read the right station number in case of a problem while returning the bike

Tutorial station

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The service runs 365 days a year from 6 AM to 2 AM.