Frequently answered questions


How can I access the service?
You need to have an annual, weekly or daily subscription to use bikeMi. Subscriptions can be purchased on the website or on the official bikeMi app.

What is the age limit for using this service?
The user must be 16 years of age. Users between 14 and 18 years must have the permission of their parents or legal guardians.

What are the payment methods for subscribing?
The only payment method is via Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards and prepaid cards.

Can more than one subscription be activated with the mobile number?
No, to any mobile number it must be linked only one mobile number and email address.

Can more than one subscription be activated with the same credit card?
Yes, you can activate multiple subscriptions with the same credit card.

I’ve lost my bikeMi card. How can I block it and receive another one?
The new bikeMi service no longer provides for the issue of cards. In case you lose the one in your possession, contact us immediately and we will block it. To continue using the service, you will then need to download the official app and log in with the mobile number with which you registered for the service. The app allows you to pick up bicycles when you are near a station.

Do I have to communicate new details if I change my credit card?
Your bikeMi subscription is linked to the credit card used to purchase it. If the credit card is no longer valid, you will need to link a new credit card to stop your subscription from being automatically blocked. To modify your credit, log in to your user area on or the official app. You will find the section “Payment card” where you can change or erase your credit card. Fill all the requested information and click on “Save card”. Now the update is complete.

How can I unsubscribe from the service?
You can unsubscribe, but you will not receive a refund. There are two ways in which you can unsubscribe: A – By accessing your bikeMi account, entering your user name and password given at registration, clicking on "Unsubscribing" and following the instructions. B – by sending an e-mail to

How the Service Works

How do I pick up a bike?
Open you app and click on unlock a bike, you will see the number of the slot where to pick up the bike. If you have a bikeMi card, hold it close to the station reader. Then select the kind of bike you want to use, traditional bike, pedelec or pedelec with child seat. The screen will display the slot number for bike pick-up. You then have 30 seconds to pick up the bike. If for any reason the bike is not picked up (time out, damaged bike) the slot closes and you can immediately pick up another bike. If you have already picked up the bike and you notice a fault, for example, flat tyres, you must re-dock the bike. If you do this within three minutes you can immediately pick up a new bike. If you do this after three minutes, you have to wait five minutes.

How do I return the bike?
To correctly return the bike follow these simple instructions: 1) check that the slot LED is green (if it is red, it cannot be used); 2) lift the handlebars and hook the pins under the basket into the special holes; 3) check that the bike is locked in; 4) to check everything is OK check youa app or place your bikeMi card near the reader a message will confirm bike return.

Can I also use pedelecs with the same subscription?
Yes! Use the bike that best suits your needs. Remember that the hire rates varies according to the type of bike you pick up. For further information see the Rates page.

How do you use a pedelec?
You use a pedelec the same way you use a traditional bike. The difference is that, as you pedal, the electric motor gives extra thrust making it easier to use. You can’t vary the power of the thrust and without pedalling you get no thrust at all. You can check the charge level on the battery.

What do I have to do if the pedelec battery runs completely flat?
Pedelecs can be used even when the battery is flat. Naturally there is no extra thrust from the electric motor. We therefore advise you to return the bike immediately and if necessary, pick up another one.

How long can I use the bike for?
For a maximum period of two hours. After two hours you will receive a penalty. Your subscription will be automatically blocked at the third penalty. After 24 hours of consecutive use, a fine of €150.00 will be applied and your subscription automatically cancelled. For further information on charges, see the Rates page.

How late can I use bikeMi?
The service is operative 365 days a year from 6.00 am to 12.00 am. Outside of these hours you can only return a bike, not pick one up. In Spring/Summer the service hours may be extended for special events.

Electric bike with child seat

Can I use the electric bike with child seat with my subscription?
Yes but only if you are over 18 years of age. Every bikeMi member (annual or temporary), with the exception of the ones aged between 14 and 18, can use the subscription to take electric bike with child seat.

How do I use the electric bike with child seat?
You have to follow the traditional procedure. Pass the card near the reader or insert the codes and choose the electric bike with child seat. The system will show you the number of the bicycle to take. The child seat can be used to transport kids until a maximum of 20 kg of weight. Before taking off, check if everything is in order with the bicycle and the seat. The child helmet is mandatory and the safety belts have to be tied up.

Is the child helmet compulsory?
Yes, the helmet is a compulsory precaution to protect the child in every situation.

Do the electric bike with child seat have additional costs?
No, the electric bike with child seat have the same rates of the other e-bikes, you can check the table of costs in the Tariffs section.

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