Terms of Purchase


Access to the bikeMi service is conditional on registration, which in turn requires:

- acceptance of General Conditions, confirmed by signing the agreementand

- perusal of the Privacy Statement attached to the Agreement (options for consent regarding personal data).

Registration procedure.
Registration can be accomplished by connecting to the www.bikemi.it website or by way of the official “bikeMi" App, clicking the “Register” button. The Agreement is deemed valid once all steps of the registration procedure ("Registration" hereinafter) have been completed.

Information regarding utilization and functionality of the bikeMi Service.
The manner in which the bikeMi Service is utilized and the relative costs, are made known by publication on the dedicated pages of the www.bikemi.it website and the official “bikeMi” App. It is therefore assumed that this information will be known to the User.

Types of subscription available: duration, start date and cost.
At the moment of registration, the User can select one of the following types of subscription to the bikeMi Service, at the prices published on the www.bikemi.it website and via the official “bikeMi” App:

a) annual subscription, available only to persons domiciled in Italy, valid for 1 (one) year from the date of Registration as required under article 3.2 above;

b) weekly subscription, valid for 7 (seven) days, or 168 (one hundred and sixty eight) hours, from the moment of the first pick-up, The bikeMi Service will be activated when a Bicycle is picked up for the first time,

c) daily subscription, valid 24 (twenty four) hours from the moment of the first pick-up, The bikeMi Service will be activated when a Bicycle is picked up for the first time.

Subscription Management of access credentials.
The User will immediately be sent an sms text message containing the code giving access to the relative service area; thereafter, using the official “bikeMi” App, this code allows the Bicycle to be picked up from and returned to a Station as described in article 5.3 below.

Methods of payment:
Payment for subscription to the bikeMi Service can be remitted by credit card — Master Card, Visa or American Express — covered by a bank credit line or by prepaid credit card. When signing one of the subscriptions identified in article 3.4, Users are under obligation to supply the Provider with details of the credit card used for payment of the subscription, while also authorizing the Provider to verify their solvency with the bank indicated. By entering into the Agreement, the User authorizes the Provider to debit any amounts or sums payable or owed by the User in respect of penalties applicable under article 9 below.

Access to the Service by Minors.
The bikeMi Service can also be accessed by minors, on the condition that the Agreement and subscription are endorsed by at least one parent/guardian, following the procedures indicated in article 3.2. In this instance the Agreement must indicate the personal details of the Minor who will be using the bikeMi Service. The User must supply details of the credit card used for payment of the subscription. By entering into the Agreement, the User authorizes the Provider to debit any amounts or sums payable or owed by the Minor in respect of penalties applicable under article 9 below. The User — not bound in this instance by the transfer restriction of article 7.2 below — will provide the Minor with the help needed in order to pick up the Bicycle and utilize the bikeMi Service. Under no circumstances can minors under 16 years of age access the bikeMi Service and utilize the Bicycles. Minors, in any event, are allowed to use only Human Powered Bicycles or Electric Pedal Assisted Bicycles, and expressly forbidden from using Bicycles with Child Seat.

3.8 If the User has picked up a Bicycle with Child Seat, it can be used, in line with the prohibition imposed under article 7.2 (Terms and Conditions), section 2, only to carry a child weighing no more than 20 kg whose parent or guardian the User happens to be, or whose parents or guardians may have given the User specific authorization. The transportation of the child will occur, in any event, only under the supervision and surveillance of the User. It is a mandatory requirement that the child passenger wear a helmet (fitted and fastened), and the safety belts of the child seat must also be fastened. The use of a Bicycle with Child Seat does not involve any processing, by the Provider, of personal data relating to the child passenger.

3.9 It is understood that Clear Channel shall remain free of all liability in the event of the bikeMi Service being used with disregard for the provisions of articles 3.7 and 3.8 above, and in particular where the service is accessed by minors who may have made inaccurate and/or untruthful statements as concerning their age. The right is reserved by Clear Channel to take action against Users for any damages, direct and indirect, suffered as a result of the bikeMi Service being used inconsistently with the provisions of articles 3.7 and 3.8 above.


Automatic renewal of annual subscriptions.
With annual subscriptions, membership is renewed automatically at the end of the twelve month period for a further twelve months, at the rates currently applicable on the date of renewal, unless the User expressly wishes otherwise, in which case notice of the intent not to renew must be given at least 15 days prior to the expiry of the twelve month period in an e-mail sent to info@Bikemi.it.

Duration of weekly and daily subscriptions.
The daily and weekly subscriptions expire respectively once the 24, 168 hour period has elapsed, and are not tacitly renewed. In this situation, the subscription will be deactivated automatically.

Right of withdrawal by the User.
Users can exercise their right to withdraw from the agreement by presenting written notice of intent no later than 20 days after Registration, by Certified Electronic Mail (PEC) or registered letter with advice of receipt. Following withdrawal, the sum paid by the User to purchase the subscription will be reimbursed at no cost to the User, utilizing the same method of payment that was selected originally by the User to remit the subscription fee.